Cisco Taiwan Digital Healthcare Acceleration

By working with three local partners, 10 medical carts with Webex solution and hardware have been deployed at 10 hospitals and medical schools.

【Cisco Taiwan, November 9, 2020】── In line with the advance deployment of pandemic prevention, the healthcare system is accelerating the integration of technology to meet the needs of the pandemic, and has officially entered the post-pandemic era of transformation. Cisco, together with its partners, LANtel Telecommunication Corp., BestCom Infotech Corp., and Hermes-Epitek Corp., launched the “Cisco Digital Healthcare Acceleration Program” in Taiwan to provide a digital medication cart that integrates Cisco, information security, and Internet connectivity. Cisco is collaborating with 10 medical organizations and medical research institutions, including Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taichuing Veterans General Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, NCTU Center for Digital Healthcare, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, and NYMU Digital Medicine Center (in no particular order). The goal is to improve telemedicine in remote rural areas, conduct remote consultation in emergency rooms, promote industry-academia collaboration, and facilitate medical observation activities through the integration and application of new technologies.

Cisco Actively Supports Digital Transformation of Various Fields to Realize the Vision of “Digital Taiwan” and “Smart Island” 

In recent years, the government has been focusing on digital development, actively creating “Digital Taiwan” and “Smart Island”. Out of which, the “Digital Healthcare Regional Joint Defense Plan” and “Rural Healthcare Optimization” are policies that aim to incorporate the government, medical institutions at all levels, and industry technologies to create a digital healthcare environment and enhance telemedicine through the Medical Internet of Things, breaking through the boundaries of urban and rural areas. Cisco continues to pay close attention to policy and industry trends. In addition to its previous solutions for universal collaboration, distance learning, and information security, Cisco also proposed the “Cisco Digital Healthcare Acceleration Program” in the medical industry to help accelerate digital transformation across all industries.

Cisco and Partners Introducing The First Batch of Digital Medication Cart in Taiwan

With the advent of the post-pandemic era, various industries are actively engaging in digital transformation. Focusing on the front-line medical industry in the fight against the pandemic, Cisco has integrated its own software and hardware infrastructure to create the “Digital Healthcare Acceleration Program”, as well as the “Digital Medication Cart” through Cisco solutions and equipment, in order to help the medical industry break through boundaries and realize the vision of telemedicine.

With the support of our partners, 10 digital medication carts have been successfully deployed in 10 medical institutions. The specific applications implemented include:

  • A&E teleconsultation:  The hospitals have placed the “digital medication carts” in emergency rooms and ICU wards for consultation between critical care physicians and attending physicians. There have been a case in which a dermatologist used the high-definition video equipment to remotely diagnose burns and give medical advice to emergency room physicians before deciding whether to go to the scene, enabling the personnel to keep abreast of each patient’s latest condition.
  • Teleconsultation in remote areas: Patients in remote rural areas who are unable to travel can use the “digital medication carts” to contact senior doctors and receive immediate diagnosis. Medical departments can also implement mobile medical treatment in rural areas and district offices.
  • Precision diagnosis:  Equipped with low-latency and high-resolution video technology and hardware, Cisco’s “digital medication cart” can be equipped with a digital medical imaging set, a Bluetooth stethoscope, or a cardiac catheterization device for telemedicine consultations, allowing physicians to see patients in real time with clear images.  The cardiogram can also be transmitted to the team participating in the consultation, which helps them to identify cardiac murmurs and improve the accuracy of telemedicine through both auditory and visual diagnosis.
  • Industry-academia collaboration: There are medical colleges and medical device manufacturers working together for industry-academia collaboration. The medication cart can be combined with digital physiological monitoring equipment to monitor the patient’s ECG, respiration, and body temperature, greatly enhancing digital medical performance and facilitating clinical consultation.
  • Medical observation:  The “digital medication cart” not only assists attending physicians to do rounds through video, but also allows experienced physicians and students to share clinical highlights and carry out medical observations.

George Chen, Managing Director Greater China and General Manager Taiwan at Cisco, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance and urgency of digital transformation. The advancement of the medical industry is for the well-being of all people, and Cisco is actively providing the digital tools needed for the transformation to help industries in all professional fields to optimize their systems and connect with the world in the post-pandemic era. The Cisco Digital Healthcare Acceleration Program aims to make healthcare accessible, timely and efficient, to improve the quality of care and reduce the burden on healthcare professionals. This will enable digital healthcare to reach the public more quickly and improve the quality of healthcare for all.”

Configuration of Cisco’s “Digital Medication Cart”
Cisco Webex features:
Industry-leading low latency effects
End-to-end encryption to ensure medical confidentiality and patient data security
Cisco Room Kit features:
Integrates camera, video codec, speakers, and microphone into a single device
Hardware-optimized to run on the cloud with internal cloud deployment
Combined with artificial intelligence to provide ideal framing and to follow the speaker
External 4K display available


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