Proton Therapy Systems

Precision Medicine for Cancer

We never stop seeking better ways to treat cancer.

Apart from high-tech medical equipment, the most important thing is “people”.
In addition to our leading proton therapy systems, Hermes Advanced Therapy Systems also has medical, physiotherapy, and nursing professionals who can provide total solutions and comprehensive support for our proton centers, so that patients can be reassured and have peace-of-mind.
On the path to precision cancer treatment, we will move forward together.

Why Choose Proton Therapy Systems?

Proton therapy systems breaks through the limitations of conventional radiation therapy to provide optimal treatment without damaging vital tissues, especially in the treatment of tumors of vital organs such as head and neck cancer. The best radiation treatment for children with cancer, whose organs are more susceptible to radiation than adults.

About Mevion

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Boston, U.S.A., an optimal proton therapy system solution derived from top MIT technology.

The Most Compact Proton Therapy System


A technological breakthrough that created the world’s smallest cryogenic superconducting synchrotron, weighing only 15 tons, and the world’s only gantry-mounted proton accelerator system.
The construction cost of a proton therapy center can be significantly reduced due to its small size and shortened set up time.

Unlike traditional proton therapy centers that are built on several thousand square meters of floor space, as well as being expensive to operate and difficult to maintain, we are committed to introducing and promoting the MEVION S250i – an innovative proton therapy system that will revolutionize proton therapy and deliver treatment to more cancer patients

Designed and installed by our professional team, the system provides a bright and spacious environment for fast and effective therapy, allowing patients to complete their treatment with ease and comfort.
The simple and easy-to-use system interface and overall smooth operation of the treatment process optimizes the cancer care quality and staffing.

MEVION S250i presents comprehensive system technology

Pencil beam scanning (PBS) technology
HYPERSCAN with Adaptive Aperture
Superior 2D/3D and 360-degree imaging system

It can automatically tailor beam according to the shape of the tumor, completing the treatment of the affected area in a single breath, and avoiding the side effects caused by radiation damage to normal tissues.
This helps to reduce clinical uncertainty and increases the rate of tumor control, thereby significantly improving the quality of life of patients during treatment.
Precision medicine requires clear medical images to support diagnosis, balanced and stable dose control, and fast and accurate positioning technology.

For future long-term use, MEVION S250i does not require complex regular maintenance. The unique linear beam technology eliminates the complications of traditional beam transmission and enhances system reliability and performance.

Minimal Staffing Requirements

Lower Energy Consumption

Standard Radiation Therapy Maintenance

High Throughput with Beam on Demand

The advanced proton therapy system provides hospitals and patients a better choice for a healthier life together.