Smart Medical

Enhance hospital efficiency, maintain patients’ health

Provide holistic healthcare services ranging from consultation, diagnosis, treatment, care, tracking to prevention.

In the face of an aging global population, illness complications, and the increasing prevalence of diseases at a younger age, an important issue that needs to be addressed is how healthcare personnel can provide and improve comprehensive high-quality medical services with professional dedication.

Medical Imaging Data Cloud

The current standard of medical imaging data is not completely standardized, and it is almost impossible to interlink the imaging data of different hospitals. If this data can be streamlined and integrated, it can assist medical personnel in cross-regional identification and assessment, and resolve the issues of insufficient medical personnel and inadequate medical facilities in remote areas. It can enhance the overall medical services so that patients can receive medical services anytime and anywhere.

Remote Healthcare Platform

This allows people to receive teaching hospital-quality medical care at home, which meets the immediate needs of patients in remote areas or are physically disabled, as well as reducing their risk of infection from visiting hospitals. Medical services will no longer be limited by space and time, and the platform can also be used as a tool for sharing and discussing professional medical experiences, as well as provide healthcare workers in remote areas with continuing education to create a better interactive healthcare cycle.

Hermes Advanced Therapy Systems aims to integrate technological and medical expertise, we will develop smart healthcare through cross-regional collaboration and innovation.
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